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FAQ - Spot Removal Tips

Why is carpet wet so much longer after carpet protector or deodorizer is applied?

After we leave your home from a deodorizing or carpet protecting session, you may notice that it stays wet for longer than your average run of the mill cleaning. This is attributed to the fact that we are saturating your carpet with a product and we are NOT sucking it back up. We want these products to soak into your carpet fibers deeply so they can be effective. But, we do place air blowers on the carpet so that it can aid it in drying faster. We also leave booties for you and your family so that nothing will get tracked around.

I just got a red stain on my carpet, should I do anything before you get here?

Oh no! You’ve gotten a dreaded red stain on your carpets! Fear not- we are going to be able to help you. However, take a few measures for success before we get there by doing the following: Use a white (only white) clean cloth to blot it up as much as possible. Get some hot water and put part of this on your rag and blot it up again as best as possible. Take another DRY white cloth and blot that. Once our cleaning specialists have arrived they will fully remove the stain.

Will your hoses damage my walls?

When we come into your home, our last intention is to damage anything in the least. Therefore, we take precautionary steps to shield your walls from our hoses by placing corner guards on the walls that our hoses pass by.

Will cleaning the carpet remove the Dog Smell in my house?

You may have called our company because your pet has left an unbecoming odor in your home and you wish to correct that. So when you call our offices, it will help to tell whomever you are speaking with that you are dealing with pet odor issues so that our specialists can come properly equipped! Usually the problem can be corrected by simply deodorizing the carpets prior and after they are cleaned. However, sometimes it can actually be the venting system or even the walls that are the troublemakers.  It is recommended that during the cleaning process to open the windows for about an hour so that new fresh air can circulate through your home.

Why are you more expensive than others that advertise a lot cheaper?

You may find yourself wondering why our prices seem to be a bit higher than your average sign on the roadside carpet cleaner- well, the answer can be summed up relatively easily- you get what you pay for! A majority of carpet cleaners use what is referred to as a portable machine, which is a small unit that they bring into your homes to clean your floors. However, we at Bayside Carpet Cleanings, we pride our company in having the most modern methods of extraction. We have truck mounts for hot water extraction so you can be sure that we are going to do a stellar job in your home. We strive to go above and beyond in quality and excellence-  your satisfaction is our top priority. If you were buying a piece of furniture for your home, you would probably want to spend a little more on it so that it would not only be comfortable, but so it would last longer than just a few months to a year. Having your carpets cleaned is no different- you pay a little more for the quality so that it is done right and it will last more than a few days or weeks.  

How long does it take you to clean the carpets in my house?

We know you have a busy life, and we want to provide you a service as fast and effectively as possible. There are several factors when considering how long it may take for us to clean your home- the biggest factor would come down to how much space we have to cover in one session. Naturally, smaller areas will take less time. The condition of the carpet and the treatment you are asking us to do also factors in. Normally, in a standard set up to break down with up to 5 areas take about an hour and a half for us to treat. If you have time constraints or something causing you to have to leave, consider breaking up treatments, or even have us come at a later or earlier date. We can even perform our services while you are not at your home. 

How often should I vacuum my carpets?

At least once a week you should vacuum to offset dust mites, to prevent matting (depending on what vacuum you use), and just pick up loose dirt and soil that accumulates from daily traffic and use.

We like iRobot roomba or Dyson if you’re going to use it manually?

After Bayside Carpet Cleaning cleans your floors, and even when they haven’t, you should always keep up with your vacuuming. We recommend that you vacuum at least once a week- this will offset dust mites, it prevents matting and it just generally keeps your carpets cleaner. Here are a few models that we would suggest using:
- iRobot Roomba 770 (Great for pets and allergies)

- iRobot Roomba 650 

- Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

Do you vacuum the carpet?

When you hire us to clean your home, we don’t skip any steps in the least- so before we get to the actual heavy duty cleaning, we vacuum the carpets, then we use a carpet rake to really agitate anything embedded in the carpet, and then we vacuum again. We overlap our strokes, basically vacuuming twice for every once we do it, depending on the level of soil we are facing. 

What's the best thing I can do to maintain my carpet between professional cleanings?

While we love having your business, we do want your carpets to stay clean for as long as possible! So here are a few tips to keep your carpet looking its best in between cleanings.
-Vacuum regularly. Dirts and oils can accumulate, and this will give your carpet a dingy appearance.
-Wear your socks as often as possible. Our feet collect a lot of dirt and hold a lot of oil and dead skin. This will cause your carpet to brown, and even vacuuming can’t pick up everything.
-Use our free bottle of spotter on the small stains that happen between your cleanings.
-Also, remember, it is not a requirement to have your entire house cleaned every time that we come- sometimes its just the high traffic areas that need some extra attention.

Here is a list of some of our favorite vacuums for you to try out:

- Dyson Multi-Floor Upright Vacuum

- Dyson 209472 01 V6 Cordless Vacuum

- Dyson Multi-color Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Why is there discoloration in certain parts of my carpets?

When we come to your home to clean your carpets, we want to do the best possible job. However, in certain areas of your home, you will experience a high volume of traffic such as hallways and stairs. These areas, even after a heavy duty cleaning, can have the potential to stay discolored. These areas experience extreme wear and tear, and sometimes the carpet can become too damaged to be fully restored to what they were. You can help prevent this by wearing socks around the house versus shoes, and vacuuming regularly.

When can I remove the tabs or blocks under my furniture?

While we are cleaning your carpets, you’ll notice that we put your furniture on tabs, or even blocks to separate them from the actual floor- we suggest leaving them put for 24 full hours after we finish cleaning. This is for a few reasons- for one, any moisture that is absorbed into your furniture’s legs will easily stain your carpet. Also, the indentations your furniture leaves will return immediately if the carpet dries with that kind of contact on it. These are steps you can take to prevent more headache! 

Do you provide upholstery cleaning services?

Though carpet and floors are our ‘main game’, we do also provide world-class upholstery cleaning services as well. Furniture is comprised of a wide variety of fabrics, materials and construction in contrast to carpet, so you have to know what you’re getting into before attempting to provide this service. Our Bayside Carpet Cleaning specialists will evaluate your furniture before cleaning, giving it a fiber inspection to determine the type of fabric that will be cleaned and the best method to do so. We begin by vacuuming your furniture ( if needed) in order to remove dust and dirt, any crumbs, coins, or loose items. It also gives the specialists a chance to note any rips, tears or stains in the fabric. We then spray our specialized cleanser on any spots and then use a coarse horse-hair brush on problem spots. We take special care to give your pillows extra treatment as they are the most used thing on a piece of furniture. Finally, we use a hot water vacuum and rinse to really cleanse the furniture to the core. After we have wrapped up, we will leave fans on the furniture to help speed up the drying process. 

I’m Sensitive to Chemicals- Can You Clean Carpets Without Chemicals?

Yes- our foremost concern is keeping you and your family safe. We want to improve your quality of living, not interfere with it. We offer soap free cleaning products if you are interested in going that direction. What we use is a product called Procyon which is soap free, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. This product is used in many settings, including hospitals and medical facilities. In addition to this, our machines filter the water so that your carpets are being treated with safe and clean water. If you suffer allergies or any sensitivities please make sure you let our office know beforehand so that our specialists may come to your home with the correct preparations.

What Time Will You Get Here?

At Bayisde Carpet Cleaning, we sometimes experience a high volume of clients, and each job is different, which can alter the exact time of our arrival to your home. Depending on the time of day, we will give you a 2-3 hour window of when to expect us to arrive. However, if you provide our office with your cell phone number, we will send you an automatic text message when your specialist is on their way!  

I Need To Go To Work/ Take The Kids To School- Can I just Leave A Key Under The Mat?

Of course you can! Before we begin cleaning, we do require an active credit card to be on file, which will cover payment if you’re not there while our specialist is. If you are leaving a specialist a key without your being there, we do ask for you to leave them specific directions when entering your home; Do you want them to lock up or leave the door open? Is there anything our specialist should be aware of? Where should our specialist leave your key once they are finished in your home? If you have pets, please for their safety and for our specialists, keep them contained and out of any cleaning zones. Also, before the specialist leaves, let us know if you would like for them to give you a call/text letting you know that they are exiting your home. The more information we have, the better we can serve you as our valued customer!

Can You Get Blood Out Of Carpet?

Sometimes accidents happen- but Bayside Carpet Cleaning is here to help. If you have blood stains on your carpet, we will be able to remove it( in most circumstances). When you contact us, you must describe the kind of blood it is, and how long it has been on the carpet; if this blood is associated with a crime scene you are required to disclose that information to us. If you find that we are not able to come as soon as you would like, try treating the blood at home with ice cubes. Carefully blot the blood with the ice cubes and then use a white rag to clean up. Repeat this as needed. Again, if this does not work, we do have speciality methods to extract blood from your floors.

Do you provide a bottle of spotting cleaner for me after job is finished?
Once we are finished cleaning your home, we will leave a bottle of our Spot Out- a signature product of ours here at Bayside Carpet Cleaning. This 12 ounce bottle of spotter is great for in-between cleans. If you run out, feel free to call us to order more directly, or just ask your specialist while they are at your home about it.Directions:

1. Remove excess spill with absorbent towel.
2. Use as it comes from the bottle and apply fluid onto the stain.
3. Lightly brush or rub using a white clean absorbent towel.
4. work from outside to center.
5. For stubborn spots, repeat procedure.
6. Blot area with clean absorbent cloth to remove excess moisture.
7. If stain still down not come out, call our offices at 609.290.2691

Do you move furniture? Good can you put this bed in other room for me?

When we are in your home cleaning your floors, we do have the ability to move basic furniture such as sofas, tables, chairs and love seats, we do NOT move larger items. Heavy or valued pieces like beds, hutches and china cabinets are things we cannot move- we are not professional movers and do not have the proper equipment to ensure that we can move things like that without damaging them- we are only there to clean. 

Why do some stains re-appear?

At Bayside Carpet Cleaning, our specialists take every measure to make sure we leave your home looking perfect, we strive to fully remove every stain and see to it that they do not reappear. In some rare cases however, if an area is heavily soiled, say with urine, its more than likely the padding that is stained. If that is the case, our specialists can use a pad extractor to prevent stains from coming back- so if you have questions about heavily soiled areas please let our specialists know  the details of it so they can use their professional knowledge in regards to how to best treat your floors.

If I have a problem who do I contact?

We strive for excellence here at Bayside Carpet Cleaning- and your satisfaction is our top priority. If you happen to have a problem or something dissatisfies you during our time in your home, please call/text our home office at 609.290.2691.We assure you that we will do what it takes to leave you with a positive end result.

We know it's helpful to have someone to talk to directly. If you have questions, or prefer to schedule your estimate via the phone,
Please call: 609-290-2691